£350,000 in Skills & Knowledge Grants

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Projects funded to date

To date, Creative Central NCL has awarded almost £350,000 to projects all aiming to give artists and creative professionals the skills they need to make a living in Newcastle, without taking on second or third jobs or living precariously. 

Creative Central NCL Funding Outline

Creative Central NCL will fund a range of projects, in general they will all need to fall into the following categories:

  • Business Support: projects which identify what businesses need and facilitate that, whether it’s through new funding initiatives or by connecting businesses with existing scheme in the city.
  • Skills & Knowledge: projects which give creative people, businesses and independent artists new skills or knowledge to start or develop their practice or careers.
  • Place: projects which establish, develop or celebrate the geography of Creative Central NCL, to change the physical look and feel of the location and to support people or business to locate themselves there.
  • Participation: projects which connect creative people, businesses and independent artists with communities to embed arts, culture and creativity, widen who gets to be involved and create more opportunities for artists.

Developing Skills & Knowledge

The first round of funded projects chosen to develop skills and knowledge among the artistic and creative community, will support over 600 artists and creatives over the coming 12 months.


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