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More workspace is needed for creative communities in central Newcastle

A key objective for Creative Central NCL is to increase the amount of physical space for our creative communities.

We know we need more affordable spaces where cultural and creative practitioners and businesses can come together to work, collaborate, rehearse, and perform.

Through the Workspace Small Grants scheme, we want to encourage potential workspace providers and property owners to bring forward plans that will result in a net increase in workspace predominantly for the use of the culture and creative sectors.

The investment may directly lead to an increase in new workspace, or it may accelerate the development of plans for the creation of new workspace.

What types of projects are relevant?

Here are some examples of the types of projects this grant may be able to support, but this is not exhaustive, please talk to us if you have any questions or ideas about a project.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Planning fees
  • Fit out costs (e.g., physical improvements to properties)
  • Accessibility improvements (e.g., fire escapes, lifts)
  • Furniture and equipment (if part of a wider improvement scheme)

Who should apply?

You should apply if you own or have access to commercial property or properties based in Creative Central NCL (look at the Creative Central Map to be sure).

Commercial property means that the main purpose for the space is economic activity, this grant for example could not be used for a residential property even if you work in it.

You’ll need to be able to be very clear about what the grant will be spent on and how it will contribute to additional workspaces for artists and creatives.

How much is available?

Up to £15,000 per project.

What is the deadline?

This scheme has a rolling deadline, applications will be assessed every quarter up to March 2024.

What to do next?

First, download and read the information sheet to check your project is eligible and for all the details you need on how to apply for a Workspace Small Grant.

Who to speak to?

Contact the Creative Central NCL Project Manager, Vikki Leaney with any questions you have about your application.


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